Progress Towards the Goal

Our goal is that by the year 2025, 70 percent of Vermont’s working-age population will have a college degree or credential of value.  We define “credential of value” as the completion of a postsecondary academic or professional program that documents a set of skills or experiences as part of a career pathway that leads to employment and/or further educational opportunities. Today, approximately 50-55 percent of Vermonters possess a degree or credential.


Indicators of Progress

To achieve the Advance Vermont goal, we need to expand Vermont’s college-going culture among both high school students and working adults. This will include eliminating current gender and socioeconomic gaps among aspirations to, readiness for, and successful enrollment in, some form of education after high school.

About Our Indicators

Culture Indicator: Aspiration Rate
Culture Indicator: Postsecondary Continuation Rate
Readiness Indicator: FAFSA Completion Rate
Readiness Indicator: Postsecondary & Career Integration Experiences (TBD)
Adult Access Indicator (current approximation)
Student Success Indicator