What is 70x2025vt?

70x2025vt is a partnership between Vermont's most influential leaders in education, business, nonprofits, philanthropy, and local, state and federal government intended to build commitment to the ambitious goal of assuring that 70 percent of Vermonters possess a postsecondary degree or credential of value by 2025. 

As a collective action organization, 70x2025vt facilitates collaboration among those dedicated to achieving the goal, leads initiatives to increase degree and credential completion, and works to broaden public understanding of the goal, its importance, and the steps that must be taken to achieve it. 

The creation of 70x2025vt came following a yearlong effort of Vermont’s Lumina Foundation State Policy Academy Working Group which reviewed data and reports from education and economic development leaders, and raised the state postsecondary attainment goal from 60 percent to 70 percent. 


Increase the economic and civic vitality of Vermont through education attainment. By 2025, 70 percent of working-age Vermonters will possess a postsecondary degree or credential of value.


  • Identify and eliminate barriers to postsecondary access and success for youth and adults.
  • Strengthen pathways between education and employment.
  • Change the narrative to ensure public recognition of postsecondary education and college and career readiness as a shared value.
  • Align state policy with the 70x2025 goal.